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Our Newest Innovated Product

Woof Proof Doggy Door Covers are a quality product from the Woof Proof line of pet products.

Woof Proof is always one paw ahead of pets. We have innovated this product by looking at customer complaints, and redesigning all features for a better more innovative doggy door cover.
Pet owners are sure to love all the innovated benefits of this Woof Proof product.  
Woof Proof your car doors today.

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Meet Our staff

its all about the people

Luna Liberty

Woof Proof Model

Our famous modeling dog. Luna is 10 years old and has been a great dog and model since she came to us from the shelter.

Ben Liberty

Partner, CEO

Young entrepreneur Ben is looking for the best quality products to solve the unfulfilled needs of the market.

John Liberty

Partner, CEO

Young entrepreneur John joined us to find the products and unsatisfied customers that need the most help with our innovative minds.

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